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Content description VCHPEP032

Health and Physical Education / Level C / Personal, Social and Community Health / Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
Content description
Practise personal hygiene, independence skills and social skills including taking turns
  1. practising expressing needs, wants and feelings, and self-discipline to be an effective group member (MH, RS)
  2. participating in personal hygiene practices including hand washing, face washing, nose blowing and toilet routines and beginning to identify why they are important (S)
  3. exploring scenarios, actions and consequences and discussing how it feels and their choices (RS, S, MH)
  4. creating and retelling stories about social skills and exploring and practising the skills targeted (RS)
  5. learning how to be kind, fair and respectful to others through structured learning experiences and social stories and how they can make people feel (RS)
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