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Content description VCHPEP033

Health and Physical Education / Level C / Personal, Social and Community Health / Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
Content description
Explore their feelings and practice expressing their needs, likes and dislikes using simple communication tools
  1. learning through supported experiences about what feelings look like, when they have felt this way and how to act (MH)
  2. learning to recognise their emotional expression (MH)
  3. learning to use words, signs or symbols to name emotions for self and others (MH)
  4. developing a vocabulary of key concepts and using pictures and real objects to indicate their understanding of their likes and dislikes and feelings, and events associated with each feeling (MH)
  5. learning about the needs and viewpoints of others through group experiences and shared decision-making (RS, MH)
  6. selecting a solution and identifying cause and effect of actions for familiar social problems (RS)
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