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Content description VCHPEP034

Health and Physical Education / Level C / Personal, Social and Community Health / Contributing to healthy and active communities
Content description
Practise a variety of health, safety and wellbeing actions
  1. learning about the basic elements of living a healthy life (RS, FN, HBPA, S, AD, MH)
  2. identifying some acceptable and safe ways of behaving (S)
  3. follow stepped instructions in basic food preparation and hygiene procedures (S, FN)
  4. identifying some basic characteristics of food and grouping objects as foods and non-foods, hot and cold, hard and soft foods, always and sometimes food, personal preference (FN)
  5. exploring safety and following safety rules and procedures in familiar daily routines (S)
  6. learning a new skill and feeling positive about their achievement and with support implementing strategies they can use to persist until they are successful (MH)
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