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Content description VCHPEP035

Health and Physical Education / Level C / Personal, Social and Community Health / Contributing to healthy and active communities
Content description
Participate in structured play in various settings
  1. learning how to use and play and be active with equipment in different settings (CA, AP, GS, RE, FMS, LLPA)
  2. learning through a range of structured learning activities to cooperate and play with peers, to be socially active and participate with others (RS)
  3. developing play and social skills by playing cooperatively with a chosen peer, engaging in play activities with several others, taking turns with a partner or in small groups when using equipment (RS, AP)
  4. learning to follow basic social rules regarding sharing and care of property and social expectations regarding behaviour (RS)
  5. following safety directions and indicating how to be safe in the outdoors through play in natural environments (S, CA)
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