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Content description VCHPEP078

Health and Physical Education / Levels 1 and 2 / Personal, Social and Community Health / Contributing to healthy and active communities
Content description
Explore actions that help make the classroom a healthy, safe and active place
  1. creating a bank of movement games and physical activity cards students can select from and play during lesson breaks and before or after school (AP, HBPA)
  2. exploring sustainable practices that students can implement in the classroom to improve the health and wellbeing of the class (FN, RS)
  3. exploring how fruit and water breaks help support class health and wellbeing (FN)
  4. recognising how their actions help keep classmates safe, including identifying things not to be shared due to potential of contamination, infection and anaphylaxis (S, FN)
  5. explaining and demonstrating how being fair and respectful contributes to class health and wellbeing (MH, RS)
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