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Content description VCHPEP142

Health and Physical Education / Levels 9 and 10 / Personal, Social and Community Health / Being healthy, safe and active
Content description
Evaluate factors that shape identities, and analyse how individuals impact the identities of others
  1. analysing how societal norms, stereotypes and expectations influence the way young people think about their bodies, food, physical activity, sexual health, drugs and/or risk-taking behaviours (AD, S, MH, RS, HBPA, FN)
  2. examining how diversity and gender are represented in the media and communities, and investigating the influence these representations have on identities (RS, MH)
  3. analysing the role of family, friends and community in supporting an individual’s identities, and proposing strategies to enhance their own and others’ wellbeing (MH, RS)
  4. investigating how cultural beliefs and practices surrounding transitions to adulthood differ between cultures (RS, MH)
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