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Content description VCICCB009

Intercultural Capability / Levels 5 and 6 / Cultural Practices
Content description
Analyse how aspects of their own and others lifestyle, behaviour, attitudes and beliefs can be culturally influenced
  1. comparing differences in a range of countries, such in legal driving or voting age, laws around alcohol consumption or school leaving age, and discussing these in relation to adolescent – adulthood rights of passages
  2. identifying cultural connections between Australia and countries in the Asia region and the activities that facilitate these connections, such as travel, student exchange, storytelling formats, music and dance
  3. exploring identity through economic, consumer and media practices and choices, and discussing these in relation to globalisation and/or American cultural influence, such a popular music, television or film
  4. prompting students to explore and evaluate the source of a range of popular and traditional cultural practices or artefacts, for example, surfing in Australia, the notion of the larrikin, or Hip Hop
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