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Content description VCICCB010

Intercultural Capability / Levels 5 and 6 / Cultural Practices
Content description
Explain how intercultural experiences can influence beliefs and behaviours, including developing a critical perspective on and respect for their own and others cultures
  1. using a range of overseas and national travel brochures to discuss different ideas about travel, including the notion that travel broadens peoples horizons, and create a list of reasons how and why Australians travel
  2. creating a class list of what having an ‘open mind’ might look like and why it may be useful during intercultural experiences, such as in scenarios like student exchanges or overseas travel
  3. exploring the meaning of terms such as tolerance, respect and acceptance and discussing a range of ways to show respect for different cultural practices
  4. discussing how body language and gestures can influence communication and describing differences in meanings attached to body language and gestures in different cultures, such as giving a ‘thumbs up’, bowing or pointing
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