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Content description VCICCB013

Intercultural Capability / Levels 7 and 8 / Cultural Practices
Content description
Analyse the dynamic nature of own and others cultural practices in a range of contexts
  1. examining how a similar cultural practice can be expressed differently in other contexts, for example, compare the celebration of Christmas in commercial, cultural and religious contexts
  2. analysing how a range of different cultural practices developed and how they may have changed, for example, comparing women’s roles over the past hundred years at home and at work, exploring changing influences of technology in popular music, discussing changes to religious observance, such as eating fish on Friday
  3. exploring why people want to preserve their cultural practices, including linguistic, artistic and culinary traditions and investigating an example of cultural preservation
  4. discussing possible consequences when cultural practices are not maintained, for example, changes to language practices in successive generations of migrant communities
  5. exploring cultural issues in historical contexts such as the impact of a dominant culture, language, belief or legal system, for example during the Columbian Exchange
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