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Content description VCICCD008

Intercultural Capability / Levels 3 and 4 / Cultural Diversity
Content description
Identify how understandings between culturally diverse groups can be encouraged and achieved
  1. reflecting on the impact of own values and cultural practices on intercultural experiences, and understanding the importance of mutual and self-respect
  2. exploring common or stereotypical reactions in imagined intercultural scenarios, such as when offered the opportunity to eat insects, and encouraging exploration of the boundaries of students own cultural values
  3. explaining sister cities/sister schools or student exchange programs and exploring why these have been instigated
  4. exploring a range of strategies to support understanding differences, such as not jumping to conclusions, emphasising similarities rather than differences, or modelling ways that students can respectfully disagree
  5. demonstrating a willingness to understand different perspectives by asking honest, unbiased questions
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