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Content description VCICCD011

Intercultural Capability / Levels 5 and 6 / Cultural Diversity
Content description
Identify barriers to and means of reaching understandings within and between culturally diverse groups
  1. exploring language variation within Australia, such as the different terms for a swimming costume (togs, cozzies or swimmers), or the practice of using diminutives, such as Aussie (Australian), sanga (sandwich) and footy (football)
  2. exploring potential barriers to intercultural understanding, language for example, and discussing possible ways to address or reduce barriers, such as Government agencies using translation services including Auslan and closed captioning
  3. brainstorming a list of questions students might ask a student in another country, and then identifying whether any of the questions may be uncomfortable for the person asking or responding
  4. using a current global issue to investigate a range of positive and negative cultural stereotypes and generalisations and identifying how they can be challenged
  5. exploring the view of Australia as a successful multicultural country and discussing potential impacts of the strengthening or weakening of this view, for example, events that help to foster inclusiveness or that may trigger an increase in racial intolerance
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