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Content description VCICCD016

Intercultural Capability / Levels 7 and 8 / Cultural Diversity
Content description
Evaluate the ways in which the community demonstrates the value it places on cultural diversity, and why this valuing of cultural diversity is important to the community
  1. exploring how councils or Governments support community commemorations and celebrations, such as Chinese New Year
  2. identifying buildings or spaces that are used for cultural gatherings/meeting or religious purposes, such as libraries, theatres, community halls, prayer rooms, churches and mosques
  3. discussing the ways in which different community members participate in events held across the year, such as annual fairs and music events, or by looking into the services or programs offered at libraries, in your local paper or within the school
  4. using Australian Bureau of Statistics census data to create a presentation that tracks changes to the cultural composition in the local community over time and use an online service such as Trove (National Library of Australia) to uncover images or newspaper articles to include in the presentation
  5. asking students to imagine they are coordinating a local event and to outline the steps they would take to show the value placed on including culturally diverse community members
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