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Content description VCICCD019

Intercultural Capability / Levels 9 and 10 / Cultural Diversity
Content description
Identify and analyse the challenges and benefits of living and working in an interconnected and culturally diverse world
  1. creating a portfolio of job advertisements that seek to recruit candidates that can speak a second language or for overseas positions, for example, from the Australian Volunteers for International Development website, and prompt students to identify complementary intercultural skills necessary for these roles
  2. evaluating how cross-cultural or intercultural events may help to foster inclusiveness or contribute to division, for example, meetings of the United Nations, international sporting events or trade deals, and relationships between developed and developing nations
  3. holding a student-led discussion exploring a complex intercultural topic, such as food security or an international diplomatic issue, and identify the key issues or events and the people and perspectives involved
  4. comparing or tracking changing information on the Australian Government’s Smart Traveller website in response to a significant real-time event, such as the Zika virus outbreak or a volcanic eruption
  5. exploring the aims of UNESCO, and investigate and discuss the notion of World Heritage Sites, such as the criteria used to confer the status
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