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Content description VCICCD020

Intercultural Capability / Levels 9 and 10 / Cultural Diversity
Content description
Analyse the components of a cohesive society, and the challenges, benefits and consequences of maintaining or failing to maintain that cohesion
  1. investigating the role of institutions and organisations that aim to promote a cohesive society, for example, the Islamic Museum of Australia, the Chinese Museum, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), or the Victorian Multicultural Commission
  2. exploring examples of intolerance or prejudice presented in the media, and analysing its impacts
  3. undertaking a search to identify positive media coverage and exploring how positive representations can strengthen social cohesion, such as the #illridewithyou social media campaign
  4. researching the rationale for organisations that aims to recruit from diverse cultural groups, such as the police force and sporting groups
  5. following a social issue in the media with an intercultural element and compiling a journal of articles that show a range of different perspectives on the issue, and identifying both positive and negative components, and how these impact on people’s perceptions
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