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Content description VCITC025

Italian: F–10 Sequence / Levels 3 and 4 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Give factual information about people, objects, places and events in texts supported by graphics or illustrations
  1. creating texts in oral, print or digital form to provide information about:
    • people, for example, Ha i capelli lunghi e ricci; ha gli occhi neri; fa il farmacista; abita a Napoli;
    • pets and animals, for example, Mi piace … perchè … . Mangia …, Vive …;
    • places, for example, describing pictures and creating brochures of Italian resorts and cities (questa è Firenze; vedo il Ponte Vecchio, il fiume Arno, la cupola. È molto bella!)
    • events, for example, describing a party or school celebration (C’è la Coca-Cola; c’è il regalo e c’è la torta)
  2. creating posters to inform others of a special event
  3. planning and giving short presentations on topics such as holidays, favourite computer games or favourite playground, using a combination of language and images (for example, photos, illustrations, captions, diagrams) to report information
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