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Content description VCITU109

Italian: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Understand and use key features and patterns of the Italian grammatical system, including definite and indefinite articles, gender and agreement, present tense of regular and common irregular verbs, and simple sentence construction
  1. learning how to use:
    • nouns to identify people and objects — singular and plural regular forms, gender, some exceptions; developing awareness of various categories of nouns with common endings such as -ista, -zione, -tore and -trice (for example, il/la dentista, la stazione, il vincitore/la vincitrice) and comparing them to their English equivalents
    • definite and indefinite articles — use and omission
    • adjectives to describe things (including agreement and exceptions); and possessive adjectives, for example, Il mio libro
    • demonstratives, for example, Questo è il libro
    • interrogatives, for example, Chi, che, cosa, quale, come?
    • subject pronouns, for example, io, tu, lui, lei
    • numerals — cardinal, ordinal, dates, time
    • prepositions of time and place to describe when and where
    • articulated prepositions with a, da, in, di, su (for recognition only)
    • commonly used adverbs to qualify verbs and adjectives
    • verbs describing state (essere), possession (avere) and regular verbs describing actions in the present tense (for example parlare, cantare)
    • sentence structure to construct simple sentences in Italian ([subject]–verb–object); making statements, asking questions and giving/receiving instructions (verb + object), for example, Chiudi il libro!
    • negation to form negative statements and questions, for example, Non ti piace il gelato
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