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Content description VCJAC004

Japanese: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Locate key points of information in a range of texts and resources and use the information in new ways
  1. identifying key information such as names of people and places, times and activities in familiar types of texts such as conversations, profiles, emails and announcements
  2. gathering, classifying and summarising results of class surveys on topics such as students’ likes and interests, family, neighbourhood, activities or habits, and presenting findings to others, for example, ひるごはんに (なに)を ()べますか。(にち)よう()に (なに)を しますか。しゅうまつに どこに ()きますか。
  3. listening to and reading texts and reorganising information to present in new ways, for example, by sequencing activities chronologically by completing a timetable or timeline, chart, table or itinerary
  4. reading, listening to and viewing texts such as video clips, brochures, websites, menus, labels and packaging to obtain information about aspects of Japanese culture, for example, daily routines, food, writing systems, significant places or geography
  5. locating, interpreting, classifying and listing factual information from modified texts such as notices, timetables, announcements, advertisements or signs
  6. identifying cultural values reflected in a range of texts, such as the use of symbols, signs or images in advertising
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