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Content description VCJAC006

Japanese: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Listen to, read and view texts such as folk stories, video clips and television commercials, share reactions and describe aspects such as characters and contexts
  1. reading and viewing texts such as anime, manga, video clips or lyrics of J-pop, responding to questions about characters, lyrics or events, for example, だれ ですか。()まえは (なん) ですか。(なん)の イベント ですか。どこ ですか。、 or re-creating elements by means of a storyboard, timeline or original performance
  2. responding to structured stimulus questions about characters, places, events or effects in imaginative texts such as stories, films and anime, using modelled language and formulaic expressions to express reactions, for example, やさしい (ひと)せが たかい です。おもしろい はなし ですね。ちょっと こわい です。かなしい です。たのしかった です。びっくり しました。どきどき しました。
  3. comparing and reflecting on ideas, values and key messages in Japanese texts, such as the moral of a story or folk tale, identifying ideas and themes that may be similar or different across cultures, for example, Japanese concepts of おんがえし、 working hard, consideration of others and humility
  4. discussing which animals often feature in Japanese folk tales and what characteristics are attributed to them, for example, つる in つるのおんがえし、さる and かに in さるかにがっせん、 and comparing with animals that feature in folk stories from other languages and cultures from the Asia-Pacific region, such as Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories
  5. exploring the idea of changing values and behaviours as represented in contemporary imaginative and creative texts such as television shows and/or commercials, video clips, jingles and computer games
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