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Content description VCJAC007

Japanese: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Reinterpret or create and perform imaginative texts such as video clips, raps or skits using modelled language and supporting resources
  1. creating imaginative texts to share with others, for example, a commercial for a new or existing product, a comic strip, a jingle, song or rap
  2. producing short scripted plays or video clips to perform or present to others who are learning Japanese, experimenting with rhyme, rhythm and onomatopoeia
  3. composing and performing an imagined scenario or skit designed to support intercultural understanding and involving elements such as comedy, emotion or surprise, for example, いただきます。いってらっしゃい。もしもし。こんにちは。
  4. creating imaginative stories using a variety of resources and modes of presentation such as video clips or digital photo montages
  5. designing texts for real or imagined special occasions that include the expression of culturally appropriate behaviour, for example, ねんがじょう、(はは)()M
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