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Content description VCJAC020

Japanese: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Participate in activities that involve transacting, negotiating, planning and participating in events and experiences
  1. engaging in social transactions such as presenting gifts, accepting and declining invitations, making excuses and apologising, using appropriate protocols such as forms of politeness and respect, for example, (よう)日はひまですか。 土曜日はちょっと…。 日曜日はどうですか。日よう日にえいがを()に行きませんか。 いいですね、行きましょう。
  2. planning and completing tasks involving authentic or simulated transactions, for example, planning a holiday, purchasing goods, ordering food or making requests by email or text message
  3. negotiating and making decisions about services, such as ordering in shops and restaurants, specifying size, number and colour where relevant, and commenting on products, for example, おこのみやきを(ふた)つください。おいしそうですね。むらさきのLサイズをください。かわいいですね 。
  4. creating a digital presentation or performance to present information about their own school to a Japanese sister school or Japanese visitors
  5. planning social events, negotiating and making shared decisions, and creating associated texts, such as invitations or posters for an excursion or for activities for Languages Week, for example, 八時(はちじ)学校(がっこう)(まえ)()いましょう。それから学校のバスで行きましょう、 八時ちょっと(まえ)()てください。
  6. role-playing scenarios related to travelling or living in Japan, for example, interactions with a host family or using public transport
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