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Content description VCJAC021

Japanese: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Develop classroom language to participate in interactions such as clarifying, apologising, showing appreciation, complimenting, and reflecting on their learning experiences
  1. interacting in classroom routines using appropriate language to apologise, for example, すみません、しゅくだいをわすれました。、 to request clarification, for example, テストは何日(なんにち)ですか。ゆっくり言ってください。、 and to ask and respond to questions, for example, ~は英語(えいご)で何ですか。この(かん)()はどう()みますか。
  2. further developing metalanguage to communicate about language and about their experience of learning Japanese, using Japanese for terms such as verbs (どうし), adjectives (けいようし) and nouns (めいし)
  3. enquiring about and describing the location of classroom items and materials by using appropriate prepositions, for example, げんこうようしはどこにありますか。テーブルの(うえ)にあります。学校の(ひだり)にあります 。
  4. participating in class discussion by eliciting or offering opinions, for example, どうおもいますか。つまらないです 。、 and by asking questions or making suggestions, for example, つぎはだれですか。 いっしょにしましょうか。
  5. discussing their language-learning experience, for example, 日本語はやさしいですね。かんじはむずかしいです。でも、おもしろいです。
  6. showing appreciation and complimenting one another, for example, よくできました。うたがじょうずですね。
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