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Content description VCJAC023

Japanese: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Convey factual information, ideas and opinions using different modes of presentation that take account of context, purpose and audience
  1. collecting and organising information to report significant events in their personal worlds, such as family celebrations, travel or personal milestones, to classmates, parents or peers, using formats such as schedules, timetables, graphs, tables or statistics
  2. preparing multimodal presentations on aspects of Japanese lifestyles and cultural practices that invite comparison and contrast with their own experience, such as aspects of popular culture, for example, fashion, music or anime/manga, or ways of preparing and eating food in different regions and/or seasonal influences, for example, おこのみやき and なべ
  3. preparing and presenting/publishing an article for a magazine, e-journal or website with a specified audience in mind, for example, a film review for young learners of Japanese or a digital travel guide for a proposed visit to Japan
  4. creating texts to inform others about or promote events, places or experiences, such as a poster or flier for a multicultural event or a brochure about their school for a Japanese audience, for example, ミュージカルにきてください。私の学校にようこそ。
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