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Content description VCJAC024

Japanese: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Listen to, read and view a range of imaginative texts in multimodal formats, such as anime, manga or J-pop, describe settings, identify key ideas and events, give opinions and analyse cultural content
  1. engaging with a range of contemporary Japanese texts, including songs, memes, manga, television programs, YouTube video clips or subtitled film excerpts, identifying and interpreting cultural elements such as values, for example, せんぱい and こうはい
  2. comparing ideas and values represented in Japanese folk stories with similar Western folk stories/fables, for example, comparing いっすんぼうしand ‘Cinderella’
  3. reviewing a video clip, anime or film excerpt popular with Japanese students of the same age, identifying aspects that they enjoyed or disliked, for example, おもしろかったです。だから、また()たいです。おもしろかったです。でも、ながかったです。
  4. adapting an imaginative text such as a story or computer game, for example, by resequencing events, adding a new element or changing the location or era
  5. identifying and describing characters, settings and events and identifying key ideas or themes in texts that they have particularly enjoyed, giving reasons for their choice
  6. selecting favourite elements of performance texts, for example, humour in manzai skits, and comparing them with humorous texts popular among their Australian peer group
  7. comparing expression and imagery typical of contemporary Japanese and Australian music, for example, by comparing video clips of popular songs or television song contests in Japan and Australia
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