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Content description VCJAC110

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Participate in guided group activities such as games, songs and simple tasks, using movement, gestures and pictures to support understanding and to convey meaning
  1. singing and responding to action songs such as むすんでひらいて, ひげじいさん, きらきらぼし, おおきなくりのきのしたで、 or tongue twisters ((はや)(くち)(こと)()) such as なまむぎなまごめなまたまご、 あかパジャマきパジャマちゃパジャマ
  2. playing じゃんけんぽん and using it in interactions such as turn-taking
  3. participating in games, tasks and activities that involve guessing, matching and choosing objects, such as Bingo, Snap or Go Fish, using modelled questions and responses, for example,
    うさぎ です か。はい/いいえ。はい、うさぎ です。
    いいえ、うさぎ じゃない です。
  4. using formulaic phrases related to playing games, for example, つぎ、 はい!、 かった、 まけた、ざんねん、あたり、はずれ
  5. using rehearsed language to collaborate in craft activities, for example, のり を ください。はい、どうぞ。
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