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Content description VCJAC112

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Locate items of information in simple texts such as charts, songs, rhymes, video clips and anime to complete guided tasks
  1. listening for key words in stories, rhymes or songs, using visual cues such as gestures and facial expressions to assist understanding
  2. recognising simple kanji, hiragana or words in familiar contexts such as labels and titles
  3. demonstrating early Japanese literacy skills by selecting the correct hiragana or kanji through labelling, matching, clicking and dragging, drawing, mime and actions
  4. listening to and/or viewing texts to obtain information such as colour (あか、あお、しろ、くろ、きいろ), size (おおきい、ちいさい) and shape (まる、さんかく、しかく), and using this information in guided activities such as drawing, building or collecting
  5. listening to information about Japan, and demonstrating understanding by responding to questions such as 日本(にほん) です か。しんかんせん です か。すし です か。はい/いいえ, for example, by pointing to places on a map, such as Japan, Tokyo or Mount Fuji, or at pictures of different types of food
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