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Content description VCJAC113

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Convey factual information about self, family, friends and significant objects, using simple statements, gestures and support materials
  1. using digital technologies to help label and name personal items, classroom objects and shared resources, for example, ほん、きょうしつ、つくえ、いす、まど
  2. using simple sentence structures, familiar vocabulary, concrete materials and appropriate gestures to provide information about self and immediate environment, for example, ぼく の えんぴつ です。いぬ が すき です。
  3. presenting spoken information related to significant objects, using phrases such as わたし/ぼく の noun です。 adjective です。これ は noun です。
  4. expressing factual information about qualities such as colour あか、あお、しろ、くろ、きいろ、 number (いち)(ひゃく)size おおきい、ちいさい and shape まる、さんかく、しかく
  5. making simple spoken statements about friends, family or favourite characters, for example, げんき、やさしい、おもしろい、つよい、しずか, using images or support materials
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