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Content description VCJAC114

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Participate in shared listening to, viewing and reading of imaginative texts, and respond through singing, chanting, miming, play-acting, drawing, action and movement
  1. performing songs such as あたまかたひざあし、むすんでひらいて, rhymes, chants or simple stories that include repeated phrases and rhythms and non-verbal forms of expression such as clapping, gestures and facial expressions
  2. using simple language structures and supporting drawings or actions to describe and respond to imaginary characters or experiences, for example, おばけ/おに/かっぱ/たぬき/ようかい です。
  3. participating in shared reading and viewing of print and digital imaginative texts, sharing opinions and responding to prompt questions such as だれ です か。ちいさい です か。おおきい です か。かわいい です か。
  4. making simple statements about favourite characters in stories or songs, for example, やさしいかわいい こわいつよい
  5. responding to Japanese versions of familiar children’s stories and folk tales, comparing expressions at key points in the story with English-language versions, and re-enacting with puppets, props or actions
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