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Content description VCJAC132

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 3 and 4 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Participate in and respond to imaginative texts such as interactive stories and performances, for example by acting out responses or making simple statements to identify and compare favourite characters and elements
  1. viewing excerpts from texts such as anime and children’s television programs, listening for key words and familiar phrases and interpreting cultural expressions and behaviours
  2. collecting favourite exclamations, words or expressions used in imaginative and expressive texts in oral, print and digital formats, such as へえー、うそー、あれ?、うーん、どうしよう、こまった、できた、やったー!、おめでとう、がんばって、すごい、いいよ、だめ and using them in their own communicative exchanges in similar modes
  3. drawing their own versions of characters encountered in imaginative texts, and selecting simple descriptive modelled statements as captions to their pictures
  4. sequencing elements of imaginative texts such as cartoons or simple narratives, for example, by creating a storyboard using pictures and captions
  5. recognising character traits or behaviours in texts such as anime, manga and children’s stories that reflect Japanese culture and traditions
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