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Content description VCJAC151

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 5 and 6 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Create and present or perform imaginative texts for a variety of purposes and audiences
  1. creating and performing a presentation for a particular audience, for example, a puppet show or play for a buddy class or a performance for the school or community
  2. designing and presenting a commercial for a new or existing product likely to appeal to consumers in their age group
  3. creating a rap or song that involves experimentation with rhyme and rhythm
  4. teaching younger children songs that involve repetitive phrases and actions, for example, songs from popular anime films
  5. using familiar and modelled language to create imaginative digital texts, such as a photo story, an e-book or profile of an imagined avatar, for example, これ は たからじま です。大きい とりい と、(ちい)さい とりい が  あります。じてんしゃ で、大きい とりい に いきます。大きい とりい の (した) にはこ が あります。はこ の (なか) に (きん) が あります。
  6. producing and presenting picture books/Big Books/mini books or short scripted scenarios for younger students, incorporating elements of Japanese language and culture that are likely to be unfamiliar, engaging or challenging
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