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Content description VCJAC153

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 5 and 6 / Communicating / Translating
Content description
Create bilingual texts and learning resources such as displays, websites, posters, picture books, games, word banks and menus
  1. creating shared bilingual learning resources such as print or digital word banks or glossaries of Japanese and English expressions used in formal and informal everyday interactions
  2. performing a role-play or skit for an audience, using Japanese for the performance and English for supporting explanations
  3. using dictionaries and electronic translation tools to compose bilingual texts such as captions, menus, posters or invitations, comparing results and identifying how bilingual texts support intercultural communication
  4. creating bilingual texts for the classroom or school community, for example, invitations to attend class or school assembly performances, posters advertising Languages Day
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