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Content description VCJAC154

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 5 and 6 / Communicating / Reflecting
Content description
Reflect on the experience of learning and using Japanese, and identify how language reflects cultural practices and norms
  1. identifying frequently used Japanese phrases and behaviours in everyday social exchanges that reflect cultural traditions or values that appear different to their own, for example, おてがみ ありがとう ございます。いらっしゃいませ。
  2. comparing their own and one another’s reactions to the experience of learning Japanese, and considering whether their attitudes or understandings have changed in relation to cultural diversity and intercultural experience
  3. reflecting on the experience of using Japanese language, gestures and body language, and considering how their responses reflect their own attitudes and experience
  4. noticing aspects of communication and cultural expression represented in Japanese stories, songs or audio/visual media, responding to teacher prompts such as ‘What do you see?’ ‘What do you notice about …?’ ‘Why do you think …?’ ‘How is this similar/different to …?’
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