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Content description VCJAC168

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Analyse and respond to a range of imaginative texts, noticing cultural elements and comparing with English-language texts created for similar audiences
  1. responding to imaginative texts such as songs, stories, films or video clips, for example, by identifying favourite elements or characters and recording key vocabulary and expressions
  2. reading and evaluating a story or manga, for example, by rating it and creating a short modelled review to present orally to the group or to post on a shared website
  3. reading or viewing simple むかしばなし, identifying key messages and values and comparing them to familiar folk tales or stories associated with their own early literacy experience
  4. comparing popular contemporary Japanese and Australian music by listening to and viewing music video clips, identifying similarities and differences in expression, themes and styles of performance
  5. comparing how key messages and beliefs are communicated across cultures through the visual and creative arts, for example, comparing the role and representation of animals or landscapes in Indigenous Australian Dreaming stories and Japanese mythology or folk tales
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