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Content description VCJAC173

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Communicating / Reflecting
Content description
Consider how their own biography, including family origins, traditions, interests and experiences, impacts on their sense of identity and ways of communicating
  1. reflecting on their own response to learning and participating in cultural behaviours such as bowing and using respectful language, identifying degrees of comfort, discomfort, challenge and enjoyment
  2. creating written, spoken or multimodal texts such as identity maps, timelines, digital presentations or family trees with captions to describe significant life influences such as key people, events, educational experiences, community affiliations or travel experiences, for example, そふは イタリア人です。でも、そぼは イギリス人です。1950 (ねん)に オーストラリアに きました。
  3. reflecting on the experience of learning and using Japanese, and considering whether own previous attitudes or assumptions in relation to Japan or the Japanese language and culture have changed
  4. considering their identity as a ‘second language learner’ and whether it involves changes in aspirations, career considerations or social-networking opportunities
  5. sharing and comparing cultural and intercultural experiences and language capabilities, and exchanging views on the benefits of speaking more than one language, such as having a larger vocabulary to draw on, additional insights and perspectives, and opportunities for new experiences
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