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Content description VCJAC182

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Collaborate, plan and manage activities, events or experiences, such as hosting a Japanese class or visitor, going to a restaurant, or preparing for a real or virtual event, trip or excursion
  1. expressing preferences in relation to shared plans, for example, それはいいですね。そうしましょう。and summarising and clarifying arrangements, for example, 金曜日のごご三時半に、えきの前で()いましょう。じゃあ、金曜日のごご三時半に、えきの前ですね。
  2. planning and preparing for a real or virtual event, trip or excursion, such as a visit to Japan
  3. participating in scenarios related to travelling and living in Japan, for example, interacting with a host family, using public transport, shopping, sightseeing or eating out
  4. planning and making shared arrangements for Japanese visitors to the school or a homestay, for example, by preparing print or digital informative materials, such as filming an introduction to Australian school and home life, preparing welcome speeches, or conducting school tours
  5. planning and completing tasks that involve asking for, giving and following directions to real or virtual locations, for example, すみません、としょかんはどこですか。, using resources such as digital devices, street or rail maps
  6. planning and participating in learning experiences that combine linguistic and cultural elements, such as an excursion to a Japanese restaurant, exhibition, film festival or community event, by preparing and rehearsing language forms, structures and vocabulary and considering appropriate behaviours, for example, 六時半に学校(がっこう)の前で会って、バスで行きます。
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