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Content description VCJAU017

Japanese: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / Language variation and change
Content description
Understand that the Japanese language both influences and is influenced by other languages and cultures
  1. recognising words of Japanese origin used in English, for example, ‘judo’, ‘karaoke’, ‘karate’, ‘obento’, ‘sushi’
  2. recognising the use of words ‘borrowed’ by Japanese from other languages such as English, French or Portuguese, for example, サッカー、 ゴルフ、 パン、 and noting how these are pronounced by Japanese speakers
  3. understanding that languages and cultures change continuously due to contact with one another and in response to new needs, ideas and developments in communications and technology, and considering why some types of words and expressions are more frequently borrowed, such as ラップトップ、 ダウンロード、 チャット
  4. identifying words that have similar meanings and pronunciation across different languages, and reflecting on the possible origins of such words and their associated cultures
  5. understanding that there are Japanese-speaking communities outside Japan, for example, in the United States, in particular Hawaii, and South America, and that Japanese is widely taught in many countries around the world and within the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia
  6. understanding that all languages change, that some are constantly growing and expanding and that others are disappearing or being revived, as in the case of many indigenous languages
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