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Content description VCJAU161

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 5 and 6 / Understanding / Language variation and change
Content description
Recognise that the Japanese language is both influenced by in turn influences other languages and cultures
  1. exploring how the Japanese language is influenced by other languages and cultures, for example, in relation to food パン、スパゲッティー、クレープ、ハンバーガー, music and sport ミュージカル、ロック、ダンス、サッカー、バスケットボール, and technology パソコン、メール、インターネット
  2. investigating the influence of Japanese language and culture on their own language and experience, for example, by creating a glossary of Japanese words and expressions used in fields such as martial arts (‘judo’, ‘karate’, ‘sensei’, ‘sumo’), food (‘sushi’, ‘tofu’, ‘wasabi’) or communication/culture (‘haiku’, ‘anime’, ‘manga’, ‘sudoku’)
  3. understanding that there are Japanese-speaking communities outside Japan, for example, in Hawaii and South America, and that Japanese is widely taught in many countries around the world, including Australia and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region
  4. understanding that all languages change, that some are constantly growing and expanding while others are disappearing or being revived, for example, many indigenous languages, including Aboriginal languages and Torres Strait Islander languages
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