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Content description VCJAU176

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Understand how to control elements of the Japanese grammatical system to express a range of ideas and experiences in written and spoken forms, and recognise the systematic nature of verb conjugation
  1. further developing metalanguage to describe and increase control of grammatical concepts and language elements, such as noun modifiers or speech styles
  2. creating learning resources such as verb and adjective charts and lists of vocabulary and sentence structures
  3. understanding the different functions of a range of particles, such as:
    • (topic marker)
    • (object marker)
    • (time, date, place, destination, for)
    • (and, with)
    • (location, action, means)
    • (direction, destination)
    • ~から ~まで (from,as far as, distances)
  4. describing daily routines and schedules for a week, using a range of particles to form sentences, for example, 六時(ろくじ)に うちで (あに)と ごはんを ()べます。
  5. using and adjectives in the present tense, for example, おいしい、たのしい、しずかな、 and negative forms, for example, (たか)くない
  6. using adverbs as formulaic expressions, for example, (はや)く、おそく
  7. understanding that the exact word order of noun phrases is not important as long as they appear before the verb and are accompanied by correct particles
  8. understanding the role of sentence-ending particles in conversation, such as for confirming or expecting a response and for emphasis
  9. using both affirmative and negative forms of particular grammatical elements in different tenses
  10. creating cohesion and flow by using conjunctions, for example, だから、それで、それに
  11. understanding how to indicate politeness using and prefixes, for example, ()(まえ)、先生の ごかぞく
  12. using counter classifiers: ~時、~分、~つ、~まい、~本
  13. using superlatives, for example, 一ばん 好きです
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