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Content description VCJAU177

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Understand how and why different scripts are used in different types of texts, such as announcements, tickets, advertisements, public signs or manga
  1. recognising key features and structures of familiar texts in Japanese, such as lost child announcements, spoken commercials or print advertisements, for example, by identifying formulaic expressions, and comparing with expressions in similar texts in English
  2. recognising the format of different Japanese texts and punctuation conventions in either たてがき or よこがき, and understanding how this varies according to the context, purpose and intended audience
  3. understanding how to create textual cohesion, using elements such as paragraphing or conjunctions to sequence and link ideas and to maintain the flow of expression, for example, だから、それで、それに
  4. comparing and contrasting the structures of a variety of authentic community texts in Japanese and English, exploring how the audience, purpose and context influence each language version
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