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Content description VCJAU197

Japanese: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Understanding / Language variation and change
Content description
Investigate changes to Japanese and other languages and cultures, identifying factors such as education, media and new technologies, popular culture and intercultural exchange
  1. finding examples of ways in which social and cultural influences impact on languages, for example, the abbreviation of borrowed words in Japanese, such as リモコン or スマホ, or the combination of borrowed words with る、ググる and サボる to make verbs
  2. reflecting on changes in their own language(s) and cultures due to influences such as technology and social media, for example, the use of abbreviations in text messaging or the replacement of words by emoticons, and considering possible effects of such changes on kanji acquisition in Japanese and spelling in English
  3. exploring the influence of Japanese popular culture in Australia, the Asia region and around the world, such as the influence of Japanese design and technology and the popularity of J-pop, electronic games, anime, manga and cosplay
  4. investigating the state and nature of indigenous Japanese languages, considering issues such as language revival and reclamation, and drawing comparisons with Aboriginal languages and Torres Strait Islander languages in Australia
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