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Content description VCLVC131

Victorian Aboriginal Languages / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Participate in guided group activities, such as games, songs and simple tasks, using movement and gestures to support understanding and to convey meaning
  1. participating in games, tasks and activities that involve turn taking, guessing, matching and choosing objects using modelled questions and responses
  2. participating in action games and songs by matching actions to words
  3. following instructions by moving around or locating objects in the classroom
  4. accompanying respected community members to gather traditional materials, such as nuts, twigs, bark, seeds, shells for use in craft related language activities
  5. working collaboratively on a class performance or activity
  6. working collaboratively to adapt and perform action songs, for example, by changing lyrics, substituting words and phrases based on modelled patterns, rehearsing and performing songs with appropriate gestures and actions
  7. grouping and sorting natural objects from Country/Place, for example, leaves, stones, shells according to culturally appropriate categories
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