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Content description VCLVC134

Victorian Aboriginal Languages / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Give factual information using simple statements, gestures and captions
  1. using some location terms to talk about the Country/Place for example, up, down, near, far and using topographical words such as swamp, soakage, reef
  2. presenting information about elements associated with Country/Place, for example, animals, plants, food, artefacts, using modelled sentences, matching captions to pictures and filling-in-gaps activities
  3. contributing to a shared recount about an event such as sports day, an excursion, a class visit from a respected community member, a visiting performance group from the Country/Place, a community celebration, for example, by making a Big Book, creating a display, digital presentation or class photo story
  4. labelling aspects of daily routines, selecting captions or attaching word bubbles and sharing information with others
  5. developing a pictorial story to describe activities and routines at home, at school, in the community
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