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Content description VCLVC136

Victorian Aboriginal Languages / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Create and present shared stories, songs and performances, using familiar words and patterns and support materials
  1. making a shared Big Book based on an event, experience or performance, labelling, captioning and drawing key elements
  2. creating own stories by sequencing a series of pictures with captions or by creating a storyboard with labels, using modelled language and repetitive phrases
  3. re-enacting or retelling simple stories, episodes or interactions, using puppets, props, actions or gestures and modelled language
  4. creating digital texts based around familiar contexts and characters using images and captions
  5. creating their own songs/raps, or new versions of contemporary songs/raps by substituting words and phrases such as animal names, places, geographical features, adding elements such as characters or places, incorporating non-verbal supporting elements such as clapping, gestures and facial expressions
  6. creating dances, paintings and visual designs appropriate to the Country/Place
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