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Content description VCLVC156

Victorian Aboriginal Languages / Levels 3 to 6 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Convey information on specific topics using formats such as oral or digital presentations, displays, diagrams
  1. talking about Country/Place, using a range of location and direction terms
  2. presenting information about events and activities in Country/Place through spoken, print and digital forms
  3. creating a profile of a prominent community figure, for example, a sports personality, community leader/negotiator/spokesperson, a musician or artist
  4. organising and presenting information relating to language and culture, for example different expressions of storying, art or dance, using simple sentence structures, familiar vocabulary and concrete materials
  5. creating a video clip that incorporates captions and commentary to demonstrate procedures for activities such as preparing and cooking bush tucker, making tools, decorating artefacts, playing a favourite computer game, sport or playground game
  6. creating texts such as flyers, posters or posts on the school website to advertise an upcoming event
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