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Content description VCLVC174

Victorian Aboriginal Languages / Levels 7 to 10 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Engage with peers, the teaching team and visiting respected community members to exchange information about interests, experiences, plans and aspirations
  1. expressing personal experiences, plans, goals and aspirations
  2. asking and responding to open-ended questions, for example, why, how, when, using modelled sentence patterns
  3. engaging in face-to-face or online discussions with peers about shared interests and experiences, such as sport, food, study, music or fashion
  4. recounting experiences, such as holidays, special events, milestones, sports events or celebrations
  5. sharing and comparing information about daily routines and responsibilities
  6. sustaining and extending conversations by seeking additional information
  7. exchanging information about family, friends, teachers, school subjects, entertainment and leisure activities
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