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Content description VCLVC178

Victorian Aboriginal Languages / Levels 7 to 10 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Convey information about Country/Place events, experiences or topics of shared interest, using different modes of presentation
  1. creating a booklet/pamphlet/guide/brochure for the local community that explains the origins of local place names and features their meaning and significance, providing explanations in language and English as appropriate
  2. creating a video clip or a photographic or journal record of activities such as an excursion, performance or sporting event to share with other language learners
  3. creating and editing a presentation that includes text, images and sounds to record and explain aspects of the Country/Place
  4. creating a short documentary to present information and features/stories, for example, about the Country/Place and associated social and cultural events, including, for example, interviews with and quotes from prominent identities
  5. compiling a portfolio of texts about Country/Place, for example, a class anthology of stories and songs from the community, procedural texts, histories of the region, profiles of community identities
  6. creating an interactive presentation for younger children that highlights the benefits of maintaining and strengthening the language of the Country/Place
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