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Content description VCLVU143

Victorian Aboriginal Languages / Foundation to Level 2 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Recognise there are many ways of communicating messages in Aboriginal languages
  1. understanding that there are different ways of telling a story, such as respected community members yarning, through song, dance, music and associated visual design and spectacle, and through painting (body, bark, rock, sand)
  2. understanding that texts have a purpose, for example, greetings, Welcome to Country/Acknowledgement of Country/Place, traditional stories, paintings, songs and dances that convey community-wide messages
  3. identifying some features of stories, for example, the fact that they are often about journeys across Country/Place, involving landforms, animals and plants
  4. noticing how texts such as storybooks are sequenced and organised, for example, by identifying the main title and the connections between pictures and text
  5. recognising that communication can also occur through sign language
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