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Content description VCLVU171

Victorian Aboriginal Languages / Levels 3 to 6 / Understanding / Role of language and culture
Content description
Explore connections between identity and cultural values and beliefs and the expression of these connections in Aboriginal languages
  1. understanding the role of Aboriginal languages and cultures in caring for Country/Place and the environment
  2. investigating how Aboriginal peoples express their relationship with the natural environment through language, for example, words/expressions associated with seasons, stars, winds, reefs, rivers, waterholes, plants and animals
  3. gaining understanding through discussions with respected community members of the importance and significance of Welcome to Country/Place
  4. understanding that Aboriginal languages are keeping places for cultural, environmental and social knowledge
  5. recognising that song and song language play a central role as keeping places of knowledge
  6. understanding that Aboriginal languages have a rich oral literature, which recounts epic journeys and events associated with totemic ancestors/cultural heroes, and that these stories map the land and embody values and mores of Aboriginal cultures
  7. understanding and discussing the importance of story and the role of story-telling in transmitting language and culture
  8. recognising ways in which cultural values are expressed in language, for example, through forms of address, speech prohibitions and styles, language of respect, land–language associations and non-verbal communicative behaviours
  9. observing that concepts may be culture-specific, for example, expressing spatial awareness, how relationships are structured, how time and quantity are expressed, how land, water, sea and sky are viewed
  10. recognising that Aboriginal languages have various social, spiritual and cultural functions within communities
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