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Content description VCMNA059

Mathematics / Level D / Number and Algebra / Patterns and algebra
Content description
Sort like objects based on a given classification, and identify and continue a simple repeated pattern with its next element
  1. continuing a simple repeated two-part pattern with given objects, movements or sounds, for example, red, blue, red (set the table with drinking cups), paper, glue (set up equipment), knife and fork (set a table using two implements)
  2. making patterns and collections based on objects being the same, different and alike
  3. examining and continuing a simple repeated pattern with given objects, movements or sounds, for example, continue a two-beaded pattern (red, blue, red, blue)
  4. sorting and grouping objects and communicating attributes such as texture, colour, size, category; for example, sort papers into two colours, sort cutlery into two groups
  5. recognising patterns in familiar environments
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