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Content description VCNRU017

Non Roman Alphabet Languages: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Understanding / Role of language and culture
Content description
Recognise that the languages people use reflect their culture, such as who they are, where and how they live, and find examples of similarities and differences between the language being studied and their own ways of communicating
  1. exploring the meaning of ‘culture’, considering different lifestyles and symbols such as flags, including the Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag
  2. exploring the significance of different cultural practices, activities and games
  3. recognising words that reflect aspects of the culture of the language
  4. understanding that particular Australian English terms and expressions have no equivalent in the language, for example, billabong, corroboree, the bush
  5. recognising features of the target language interactions which may be similar or different to own ways of communicating
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