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Content description VCEBE019

Economics and Business / Levels 7 and 8 / Economic and Business Reasoning and Interpretation
Content description
Identify relationships and trends, and generate a range of alternatives for an economic or business issue or event, evaluating the potential costs and benefits of each alternative and the consequences of proposed actions
  1. interpreting tables, charts and graphs containing economic or business data to identify trends and using the data to make predictions about future trends, for example, trends in online shopping
  2. examining the trade-offs involved in making choices
  3. investigating how businesses identify opportunities in the market
  4. undertaking a cost-benefit analysis of alternatives proposed and making a decision about which one to recommend
  5. discussing the consequences of an economic or business decision, and reflecting on whether this was the ‘best’ decision and what might be the effect of alternative actions
  6. developing skills to contest and debate ideas and to express opinions on economics and business issues that interest and/or affect them or society
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